Sponsors and Friends


Gates Underwater Products

Since 1969 Gates has designed and manufactured the most durable and dependable underwater housings in the world. From commercial divers to professional videographers, Gates housings are the preferred choice of those who want to get the job done right the first time. “ Don’t take a chance….take a Gates.” We use Gates housings to on all our professional shoots as well as for creating media and content for SHARKS4KIDS.GatesS4Klogo

Oceanic World Wide

Oceanic believes in Innovation First, always pushing to make better equipment to meet the demands of today’s recreational divers and dive professionals alike. We spend a lot of time diving with sharks and need comfortable gear that can take a lot of wear and tear. Oceanic provides exactly what we need and let’s us focus on the work we are doing, whether it is filming for a major television production or taking kids snorkeling.OceaniclogoS4k

Lavacore Suits

Lavacore suits and rashguards are the perfect combination of fit and performance. They help regulate temperature without being restrictive. Whether we are filming or interacting with kids, we need the freedom of movement and our Lavacore gear never fails to perform.lavacoreS4K

Friends and Ambassadors

We are grateful for the continued support from our amazing ocean loving friends, organizations and companies.