The goal of this campaign is to encourage students around the world to speak up and make a Splash4Sharks. A single splash creates a ripple, which grows and impacts a much larger area. Like ripples, we want the support for sharks to spread and we hope students will inspire one another through this outreach campaign.

We will provide information about current events, petitions, protests and proposed laws or bans in the world of shark conservation as a platform for students to speak up.  An example would be the shark cull currently happening in Western Australia. People around the world, including over 100 shark scientists do not support the cull and we encourage others to do the same. Posters, pictures, PSA videos or letters are an excellent way to show your support of sharks and spread the word. Other ideas include favorite sharks facts, why sharks need our help and why students want to help sharks.


How to Get Involved:

Select a topic or topics below and take action. We have provided some key points, but you can also have your students do research on the subject. Then it is up to you to decide how you want to express your support for sharks. Send us your images, your letters, your posters or your videos and we will share them. You can also download and print the posters below to use in pictures or videos! We will showcase the efforts made by students around the world on our sites as well as other media outlets. This will include blogs, images, videos and letters, so get creative and make a Splash4Sharks!


Shark Fishing
Does shark fishing happen in your area?
Are there catch and kill tournaments? Are there catch and release tournaments?
Why is killing sharks for sport not good for the oceans?
How many sharks are killed every year around the world?
What methods/equipment are used to catch sharks?

Shark Finnning
What is shark finning?
Is shark finning illegal in your country?

Shark Fin Bans
Many areas have put bans in place prohibiting the import and trade of shark fins.
Does your country or state have a ban in place?
Why are bans important for shark conservation and how can they help?

Drumlines and Shark Nets
Shark nets are submerged nets placed around beaches to prevent sharks from entering areas where swimmers and surfers are.
Shark nets not only catch and kill sharks, but they also kill other species including turtles, dolphins and whales.
Drumlines are used to bait in and catch sharks to reduce their population in a targeted area.
Does your country use nets or other lethal barriers?
What are some alternatives that could be used?

Say NO to Shark Products
Shark products include their meat, shark fin soup, pills made from their cartilage and liver oil ( squalene), jaws, skin and teeth.
Have you ever seen a shark product in a store in your area?
Why are shark products bad for the oceans and how can you reduce the amount being produced?

Overfishing & Bycatch
What does overfishing mean? What is bycatch?
What is sustainable seafood? Is the seafood you are eating sustainable? Is there bycatch from your seafood?
Why is making sustainable choices important for ocean and shark conservation?
How does overfishing and bycatch impact sharks?

Smoothhounds( Smooth dogfish) are the only sharks being taken from the US Atlantic in high numbers without catch quotas or other limits to prevent overfishing and have been singled out for an exception to tough rules on shark finning in the US Shark Conservation Act. Use #dogfishRsharks2 on social media and to follow the work SHARK ADVOCATES are doing to ensure better protection for these under loved smaller sharks. You can also write letters to:
Members of Congress and asking them to get rid of the smoothhound (“smooth dogfish”) exception in the Shark Conservation Act.
Atlantic state governors and asking for them to limit smoothhound fishing and ban fishermen from removing smoothhound fins at sea, as has been done for other Atlantic shark species.

Flat sharks include rays and skates
Flat sharks are generally more threatened and less protected than their rounder kin.
What are flat sharks targeted? What products are made from them?
Why are better conservation efforts needed for rays and skate?

Kids in Action Poster 1


Kids in Action Poster 2