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Wyatt the Whale Shark

Wyatt the Whale Shark is the BIGGEST shark in the ocean. A gentle giant of the seas reaching a length of 40ft (12.2m), bigger than a school bus! Whale Sharks filter krill and plankton from the water and can consume between 1.5 and 2.7 kg (3-6lbs) an hour, scaling up to between 15 and 30,000 kilocalories a day! On average they can weigh a massive 20 tons, approximately the same as 250 people!

Jack and Finn the Silky Sharks

Jack and Finn the Silky Sharks are twins, mainly pelagic sharks that get their name from their silky smooth skin! They are migratory and love to travel and explore the seas together. Jack and Finn like to collect and recycle cool things that silly humans have dropped in the water; like Finn's favorite red jacket and Jack's retro photo camera. See JacksGap for the inspiration behind the characters.

Jillian the Jaguar Shark

Jillian the Jaguar Shark is a mythical shark - the stuff of legends! She even glows in the Dark! Her favorite game is dispelling shark myths and correcting misinformation put out by the media about her sharky pals! Sharks get a bad reputation and Jillian hopes to educate people around the world on how important sharks are for the health of our oceans. 

Monty the Great White Shark

Monty is a great white shark and the official ambassador for SHARKS4KIDS. He likes making new friends and teaching kids about sharks. He wants all his shark friends to swim freely in healthy oceans around the planet. Monty needs your help, so dive into these pages and see how YOU can save sharks.

Tilly the Tiger Shark

Tilly is a tiger shark and she loves to visit divers in the Bahamas and is especially good at smiling for the camera. Tilly uses her stripes to camouflage herself when she is looking for tasty snacks around the ocean. When Tilly is feeling bloated she occasionally eats silly things like rocks and car number plates to help her stay underwater.

Sledge the Hammerhead Shark

Sledge is a great hammerhead that really likes to use a magnifying glass to investigate and take a closer look at shark anatomy. Dive in with Sledge and check out the amazing world of sharks. His funny shaped head allows him to find things hiding on the ocean floor.

Gates the Robo Shark

Gates is a Robotic Shark, and a mascot of the Sharky Crew. Gates is equipped with a super high definition video Camera that allows him to capture unique and amazing shark behaviour footage throughout the world. Whenever you see Gates the Robo Shark try clicking on him to see some sharky videos.

Norman the Nurse Shark

Norman is a nurse shark and he enjoys lounging under coral ledges and creating crafts for kids. When he is not sleeping he has incredibly powerful jaws which he likes to munch on lobsters or conch with.

Bob the Oceanic White Tip

Bob is an oceanic white tip shark who loves to wear his Oceanic dive gear while cruising through the open ocean. He is one of the fastest sharks about and likes to try and steal fish from fishermen when they try and reel their prize back to the boat.