Lindsay Jennings

Lindsay is our first regional ambassador, based in St. Petersburg, Florida. Lindsay completed her masters at the University of Miami along with a fellowship at the Marine Conservation Institute. Lindsay will be visiting schools, doing Skype shark lessons and coordinating shark adventures in the St. Pete and Tampa area. Learn more about Lindsay HERE 

Christopher Bird

Chris is currently a PhD candidate researching tropho-spatial ecology of deep sea sharks & chimaera at University of Southampton. He will be representing our team throughout the UK with classroom visits and education events in collaboration with his university. He will also be developing curriculum and other educational activities. Learn more about Chris HERE

Michelle Andersen

Michelle will be working as a regional ambassador along with Lindsay Jennings in the St. Petersburg and Tampa area of Florida. She will be doing classroom visits both in person and via Skype to teach kids all about sharks. Michelle gained a lot of experience as a volunteer at the Bimini Biological Field Station and worked in the education and outreach department of the Florida Aquarium. Learn more about Michelle HERE.

Amie Williams

Amie is currently working on her Master's in ecosystem based management in marine systems at University of St. Andrews. She has worked with great whites and thresher sharks ( Ninja Sharks) and will be sharing those experiences during her school visits throughout Scotland.  She will also be doing our Shark of the Month feature. Learn more about Amie HERE.

Nick & Caroline Robertson-Brown

Nick and Caroline are a husband and wife team of award winning photographers and photo journalists based in Manchester, England. They will be doing presentations throughout the UK, using their amazing imagery to teach students all about sharks and the amazing underwater world. Learn more about Nick and Caroline HERE