Classroom Visits

Our team of passionate shark educators is available for classroom visits either in person or via Skype. We can cover a wide range of topics depending on the age group and curriculum you would like the visitor to coincide with. We are also available to speak to community groups and organizations.
The goal of the presentations is to engage students and get them excited about sharks. We want to dispel some of the myths surrounding these amazing animals while encouraging kids be good junior scientists and global citizens; what they do matters and they can make a difference for sharks no matter who they are or where they live.

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Topics of Discussion Include:

  • Let’s Investigate Sharks: An Introduction to Sharks
  • Shark Conservation
  • Shark Tagging and Science
  • Life as Marine Biologist
  • Shark Diving & Underwater Filming


I was fortunate enough to have both Jillian Morris and Derek Burkholder spend time with all my sixth grade science students. It was empowering to have shark scientists engage my students in shark literacy and ocean awareness. Derek and Jillian’s expertise brought depth to student understanding and demonstrated good global citizenship.
I loved the slideshow and it made me think differently about sharks. The thing about shark fin soup was so sad. We are learning about the ocean ecosystems and I realized how important sharks are to not only the oceans but humans also. I really liked the fact about how more people are killed by vending machines a year than sharks. I wanted to be a marine biologist before but now I want to be one even more.
Derek has been instrumental in helping to bring learning about sharks, sea turtles and being a Marine Biologist to life for my 1st and 3rd grade students. He has participated in many different projects with my classrooms. He has been a pen pal with my students on numerous occasions while he was doing research in Australia and in Miami, Florida. This helped them with their writing skills, geography as well as learning more about the scientific method of research. [expand title="Read More"] He has also come every year to speak with my students (as well as many other classrooms of children) about his research, being a scientist, and the importance of learning more about sharks and how they affect our world. He always was the most exciting speaker I had every year! He always brought pictures, videos of his research and many fun stories to tell the children! He is always so patient answering their thousands of questions - always including "How many times have you been bitten by a shark?" and "Do you hurt the sharks when you catch them?" The students really respect him and learn so much. [/expand]
Jillian Morris came to my second grade classroom this past fall to talk to my students about her work with and knowledge of sharks. She was AMAZING! Her presentation was engaging and age-appropriate, and the children were completely enthralled. She was able to dispel many myths about sharks for them and helped them realize the beauty and awesomeness of a creature often believed to be otherwise. [expand title="Read More"] Her management skills throughout her presentation were truly admirable, as she was able to validate the children's questions and stories that they wanted to tell her, without getting "off-track." She taught with such enthusiasm and momentum that the children were almost too busy listening to her to even want to tell their own stories! She gave my students a truly wonderful experience, and I would highly recommend her for any students of any ages. Having her come in was a true gift and breath of fresh air and energy! [/expand]


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